Tuesday Tweaks – Changes to improve you and your family’s lives

Proud To Be A Dad Tuesday Tweaks

Tuesday Tweaks are a new concept from Proud To Be A Dad.

So what are we tweaking and why?

A Bit Of Background

In 2013 I went through a major shift in my philosophy about life.

I discovered that I could be so much more than what I had been so far. 

I could be someone better, with more to offer others.

So I went on a voyage of discovery to see what I could become. I investigated many ways of improving the person I was and achieving my goals in life.

In fact that is a bit of a lie, because at that time I didn’t have any goals in life. Not any worth mentioning anyway!

So I plunged into all sorts of books, audio and video training on how to improve your lot in life and help others.

It was a revelation, even if it was 30 years late!!

Darren Hardy

One of the people I stumbled across was a guy by the name of Darren Hardy. He was the editor of Success Magazine.

In his role of editor, he had interviewed many successful millionaires over the years. In doing so he discovered many traits that appeared again and again.

Now Darren has a few books and trainings out there, which I recommend you Google if you want to find out more.

One of those trainings/books was ‘The Compound Effect’:

I had this book as an audio book so I could listen to it in the car. At the time I was traveling a lot going to training seminars because of my business.

Well this book changed my life.

Up until then I was struggling with the person I had become.

I realized I had to change.

My problem was how much I needed to change to become the person I wanted to be. How could I make such wholesale changes?

This is where ‘The Compound Effect’ made such a radical change to my life.

What Darren proposed was that you can become a better person just a little bit at a time. Making small improvements along the way.

The ‘compound effect’ of these changes resulted in the big changes you needed over time.

It is like investing a dollar a day in a savings account. Not much to sacrifice, but at the end of the year you have $365.

Not only that you gain interest on your investment.

At the end of the year results are much bigger than the original investment.

Tuesday Tweaks

This strategy is what I want to put into Tuesday Tweaks.

At Proud To Be A Dad, I will propose one small change you can make each week to improve.

It could improve yourself, your family, your relationships, your finances.

So starting next week I will begin on a journey to improve every one of us over the coming years. I include myself in that, because I feel we all have room for improvement.

I will post each ‘Tweak’ as a blog on Proud To Be A Dad and share it on social media.

Sound like a plan you could invest in? 

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Terry Jenkins
Proud To Be A Dad

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