Proud To Be A Dad – What’s That About?

Proud To Be A Dad

Are you ‘Proud To Be A Dad’ – do you want your kids to grow up to a better future?

Okay, it’s a silly question, as most normal, morality balanced parent would say a resounding ‘Yes’.

But, let’s face it, for most mortals, being a dad is not an easy role.

That warm glow of expectation soon disappears once reality hits.

The glossy paint of being a new father dissipates during the first month. All those sleepless nights, 3am feeds and toxic diaper changes take their toll.

The question then is ‘How do you get that immense pride back and keep it forever?’.

Proud To Be A DadAt Proud To Be A Dad, we want to help mankind get the skills it needs to produce kids that improve on ourselves.

We want to help you leave a legacy through your children.

But our goals run deeper than that.

 School Sucks

You have to admit it. When it comes to preparing you for fatherhood, schools suck.

Parenting is THE most important role we undertake as adults. But we receive no preparation for it during our formative years.

Once baby number one arrives we are thrust into parenthood in unceremonious fashion. Society just expects us to get on with it.

For most dads, the role of a father doesn’t appear ingrained in most of us in the same way nature does with a mother.

Yet the role as a father is one of the most important ones in society.

Tradition dictates that dads are the head of the family. Our traditional role is to discipline the children and be the figurehead they aspire to be like.

Our competence as a parent has a great bearing on whether our child develops a life of happiness. To a great extent our parenting skills will determine if they become an asset to society or a liability.

But the fact remains that the majority of us are not equipped to fulfill the role of a great parent. Not at the beginning at least.

Many of us flounder with the role model of our own Father to base our parenting style upon. The problem is, there are many, many poor fathers out there who seem clueless.

Proud To Be A Dad

This is why I started Proud To Be A Dad.

As parents, the future development of mankind depends on the quality of the children we raise. And on the children they raise.

At Proud To Be A Dad, I want to help fathers become better than their own parents. I want your children to have a better start than you did, irrespective of how good your upbringing was.

Okay, if you had a great childhood, with encouraging, positive parents, that is fantastic. But you can still use this advantage to help others.

Discipline and enforcing discipline does not come easy to many parents.

We have all seen the ‘brat’ like kids.

We have seen the parents that yell at their kids and the kids that yell back at them.

Chances are, these parents are just following a family trait. It is more than likely their parents yelled at them too.

I want to see if we can break the cycle of mediocre parenting that is so prevalent in many areas of the world.

Parenting that fails due to lack of knowledge.


Proud To Be A Dad launched on 1st October 2016. It is my vehicle to put something back into society and I welcome you here my friend.

I am hoping that over time the project will be self funding and allow myself to work full time on helping other dads.

Proud To Be A Dad launched with a website :


A Facebook page:


And an online store:




So Proud To Be A Dad is a bit of a crusade:

  • I want to help fathers to help themselves. I want to help dads become the best they can be.
  • I want to help dads to educate themselves on how to be a great parent.
  • I want dads to take responsibility for their own and their family’s health.
  • I want dads to lead a balanced and full life, not fixated on just one area, such as work.
  • I want to help dads creating lasting memories for their family.
  • I want to create a better world for our kids because they had better parents to raise them.
  • I want to help dads be better dads because they see it as being the right thing to do.


I had a great childhood. I had loving parents, so that helped.

I suffered some bullying at school, but nothing much.

I married at 21 and had my first child at 25. I now have 4 children that have grown up. The youngest is still in her teens.

I have survived 2 broken marriages and am now married to Sonya.

When I reflect back, I had times when I was an awesome dad. I also had times where I screwed things up pretty bad. It is all part of the parental learning curve.

Still, my children and myself survived the traumas and still reminisce on the good times.

I could have done a much better job, not just as a father, but also as a husband.

I know now I should have taken steps to have learned how to fulfill those roles better. Through education and through understanding more about how to be a better person.

Alas, I was in my fifties before I discovered that truth and set out to rectify it. Too late to influence my kids in their formative years, but not too late to encourage you and other parents.

The Future

So that is why Proud To Be A Dad exists.

I can’t promise what the future holds for us all. I am pretty certain that my initial vision will change over time. It will change as I understand what dads want and need to better themselves.

I want to help dads to not screw up as often and raise kids that are an asset to society.

Most of all I want you to be ‘Proud To Be A Dad’.

Terry Jenkins
Proud To Be A Dad

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    • Terry Jenkins
      Terry Jenkins says:

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for your question.

      Unfortunately, since I launched the competition, the website I placed it on has had several hacker attacks and, after taking what security advice I could find, I have been forced to take the competition and the website down.
      In doing so, I have lost all of the entrants and their email addresses, so you will not be receiving further emails from myself, unless you ‘opt-in’ on the website.

      Please note, the hacker attacks were designed to use my webspace and it’s resources to broadcast rather unsavoury material and was not designed to steal any data as far as I can determine.

      It has been incredibly frustrating, and has wasted so many hours of my time trying to keep plugging the security holes, which has meant much of the material I wanted to release to help families has been delayed.

      Nevertheless, I hope to be doing some more family oriented and less ‘high profile’ competitions in the near future, once I have gained a better understanding of how to minimise these attacks.

      Ideally I need to use professional advice to secure the services, but I have limited financial resources and even more limited knowledge in these matters.

      I am no big corporation, just a humble dad trying to share some of my knowledge and experiences with the wider world.

      It is really annoying that people take pleasure in destroying other people’s hard work and good intentions in this way, but I would like to sincerely apologise for what has happened.

      Please be assured that my intentions are to provide you with an incredible amount of value over the coming days, weeks and years. I still want us to build a community of caring parents who want to make a difference, not just online, but eventually out in your communities.
      It will take time, but I am determined to not let some evil minded people destroy my vision.

      Terry Jenkins
      Proud To Be A Dad


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