Logo Original TextProud To Be A Dad strives to help Fathers become the best they can be, so they can fulfil their role as head of the family and raise well balanced and healthy kids.

The business was co-founded by Terry Jenkins and Vikki Keenan to enable fathers to make a difference, not just in their own family, but in their local community too.

We aim to provide encouragement and inspiration to enable Dads to rise up, re-establish their role of head of the family and help them develop kids that will help society move forward in the future. We do this through support and the best education packages we can find.

We encourage Dads to become better people through self-improvement, so they can set an example for their family. We also encourage them to live a balanced life through attending to all the areas of their life such as parenting, relationships, health, finances, personal growth, their career, recreation and the environment they live in. We help them achieve a balance across these key areas of their life so they can provide a happy and stable environment for their family to thrive in the 21st century.

Finally we want to help Dads enjoy life to the fullest along with their families, through education and encouragement.

Here is a little more about the founders of Proud To Be A Dad:

Terry Jenkins

MeHi, I am a father of 4 great kids and the survivor of 3 marriages! I have learnt the hard way how to be a father and survive the joys of success and the bitterness of failure as a Dad.

I have lived through many situations as a parent including within a stable marital environment, as a stay-at-home single parent of 3 kids, as an absent parent with access to my kids and also as an absent parent with no access to one of my daughters.

Through these times I messed up on occasion, battled through very hard times, experienced the elation of being a proud parent, endured battles for access to my kids, discovered lots about myself and became a better person at the end of it.

Terry 1More importantly I survived all the trials and tribulations being a parent can throw at you, including the sadness of at least 3 miscarriages.

I am now the proud Dad of 4 young adults whose personalities are totally diverse from each others, who are enjoying differing levels of success in their lives but are proud to call me Dad.

Terry 2Having spent 3 years going through a lot of (needed) personal development, I now want to help families and Dads in particular to avoid some of the hiccups I had to go through. I want to encourage Dads around the world to take responsibility in their role as head of the family, enter their own journey of self improvement and come out the other side as a better person, just like I have.

Believe me, it is worth every moment.